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Terms of Services

Terms of service of Sport HYIP
Current Terms of service (henceforth Terms) provide the regulation of cooperation between the company Sport HYIP (henceforth the Company) and any registered user (henceforth the Investor).
1. The Company offers informational and investment services.
2. Cooperation involves the provision of assets by the Investor for use and management by the Company, with a mandatory payment of interest to the Investor in accordance with the Company's investment proposals.
3. The Investor provides the assets on a voluntary basis and is entitled to receive profit from the investment.
4. The Company has the right to use the Investor’s assets at its discretion, without providing the Investor with business plans related to these investment funds.
5. The age of the Investor should be above 18.
6. The Investor has the right to use the funds that only belong to him or her personally for the investment.
7. The Investor does not have a right to create multiple accounts on the Company’s website.
8. Information available on the Company’s website should not and cannot be seen by the Investor as implicit or apparent promises and/or guarantees.
9. The Investor can use all the information presented on the Company’s website, as well as any links to external websites, for informational purposes only and this information cannot be considered as an incentive to investment activities.
10. The Company has the right to suspend cooperation and suspend all the Investor’s accounts without subsequent refund, if the Investor creates multiple accounts.
11. All the sections of the Company’s website should be considered an inseparable part of these Terms of Service and they should be unconditionally observed by the Investor, as well as these Terms of Service.

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