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Frequently asked questions

What is needed in order to start investing?

To start cooperating with our company, you first need to register a personal account at the You will be able to start investing after signing up.

How many accounts can I register?

You can only register one account. In case any investor creates more than one account, the company has the right to suspend cooperation with such an investor. Please, learn more about it in the ‘Terms of Service’ of our company section.

What is the minimal investment sum?

In order to start investing, it is enough for you to make a deposit of 10$.

What electronic payment systems can be used during investing?

We offer the following electronic payment systems for use during investing: PAYEER, Perfect Money, BITCOIN.

What are the minimal and maximal sums that I can order for withdrawal?

The minimal sum available for withdrawal is 1 USD. There is no maximal limit for withdrawals.

How long will it take to process my withdrawal request?

It may take up to 36 hours to process your withdrawal request.

Can I request an early deposit sum withdrawal?

All the assets used for the investment are closed by the system for early release. It serves to enhance the stability of the investment process.

What are the commission fees stipulated by the company?

We take no commission fees for depositing money or withdrawing the income. We also take no fee for withdrawing the deposit sum.

Can I change the upline?

The upline is assigned to you for good and is impossible to change.

Can I change wallets?

No, the wallets are set once and are not subject to changing.
Blockchain addresses are dynamic. They are not deleted by the system, and if in your Blockchain account you see the address which is different from the current Sport HYIP address, it does not mean that the money will not reach you.

Do you have a referral system?


Member: 1%

Can I make a deposit with one payment system and request withdrawal to another?

All the payments, including the payment of referral rewards, are performed only in the currency that you used for the corresponding deposit.

If I have questions that are not enlisted in this section or on the company website, who should I address?

You can always solve any issue you have related to investing by contacting our Customer Support. We work around the clock.

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