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To be able to invest and to become an official participant in the investment process, conducted by the company Sport HYIP, you need to register a personal account on our website. To register as an official member of the investment process, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. To do this, you need to click on the button “Register” on the home page of the company website. Having pressed this button, you will see the opened registration form, which you must fill out in accordance with the points contained therein. Carefully read all the points of the registration form and enter the relevant information requested by the system. We recommend that you enter only updated and accurate personal data in the registration form. Otherwise, some functions of Sport HYIP personal account might not be available or their use may be limited by the system. After entering all required data in the registration form, complete the registration process.



If you are a registered member and have an intention to cooperate with our company, you have to introduce funds into Sport HYIP investment process. Cash introduction into Sport HYIP investment process is done by making a deposit at one of the investment plans provided by Sport HYIP. To make a deposit, log in to your personal account, using the user name and the password invented by you during the personal account registration process. Then go to “Make Deposit”. In this personal account section, you should choose the investment plan that is the most interesting to you for your investment process, and then specify the amount you are going to introduce into the investment process, after that click “Make deposit”. You will see a button asking you to confirm your action. Click “Submit” and the system of our website will redirect you to the electronic payment system website, that was previously chosen by you for this transaction. Having entered your account of this electronic payment system, pay the order by following the instructions of the payment system. Once the transaction is completed, click the button “Return To Merchant”, and you will be redirected back to Sport HYIP website. The deposit you have just created will be activated automatically by the system. To check your deposit, click “Your Deposit” in your personal account.


As soon as you introduce money in the investment process of our company by making a deposit, your money start working, bringing you a steady income every day. In this case, as well as when you only intend to develop your investment strategy in our company, in order to find out what the validity period of your deposit, as well as to have information about how much you might earn directly using the specific investment plan, you chose for the start of cooperation with Sport HYIP, you can use the application “Calculator” which can be found on our website. In the corresponding Calculator application control panel line, enter the amount you have invested or plan to invest, as well as select an investment plan, for which you have made or want to make a deposit. “Calculator” will automatically count your income and you will have an idea of how much you earn by investing a particular amount of money to a specific investment plan in Sport HYIP.


Since only registered members can earn money in our company, to withdraw the funds earned according to a specific investment plan or the funds that were credited to you by the system as a partner compensation for the deposit made personally by the participant invited by you to the investment process, login to your personal account, using the user name and password specified by you during the personal account registration process. Then go to the “Funds withdrawal” section, in the following form, enter the amount that is accessible on the balance of your personal account and specify your payment information, corresponding to the relevant currency that is available on the balance of your personal account and then click “Withdraw”. Your withdrawal request will be processed by the system in the shortest possible time. The time which is required to process the funds withdrawal request depends on the workload of operators who handle these requests. Therefore, we draw your attention to the fact that in some cases, the time required to process the funds withdrawal request may take up to 30 hours. This is the maximum time allowed under the rules of payment in the company Sport HYIP.

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